Michael Owen attends GroupM Pakistan, Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) and TEN Sports to witness a historic deal to kick off the all new football ecosystem in Pakistan

Pakistan, Friday, 28th January 2022 – A new dawn of an era in football marketing kicks off 2022 in a historic trilateral strategic collaboration between the powerhouses of GroupM Pakistan, Global Soccer Ventures (GSV), and TEN Sports to showcase football.

The partnership is designed to redefine the future of football marketing in Pakistan led by the private sector. GroupM is the undisputed market leader in Pakistan and playing its role as a leader to take the reins of football too in order to bring yet another platform to the Pakistani youth and for the Brands to capitalize on it. The Brands will be given an opportunity to make lucrative commercial investments in football in Pakistan – offering international intellectual property image rights.

Naveed Asghar CEO of Group M said: “GroupM offers a suite of expertise through Mediacom, Mindshare, M/Six and Wavemaker so this becomes an enduring partnership offering lucrative returns to brands on their investment, while capitalizing on the football frenzy. It is a no brainer with Pakistan having approx. 40 million football fans, almost 15 million watching live TV European leagues week in week out and nearly half of our youth actively engaged with football clearly demonstrates the number of marketing opportunity that is ripe for brands and marketers in Pakistan”.

TEN Sports will beam the ground-breaking TV broadcast deal, being the first of its kind in Pakistan, striking a balance between grassroots coverage and a franchise league.  The deal will see all matches broadcast live from Karachi on TEN Sports. The deal mobilises the first ever international broadcast partnership offering a blend of international and local expertise.

Aly Rana, TEN Sports Country Head said, “I am really excited by the football package GSV has created, put simply its all under one roof.  The Pakistan Football League heralds the birth of Pakistan as a Footballing Nation and as the leading sports broadcasting network, we plan to take the viewer experience to the next level. They have placed Pakistan in the front seat to witness world-class production, with the focus remaining on Pakistani talent being at the centre of all the action on and off the pitch”.

Zabe Khan CEO of GSV said: “In GroupM and TEN Sports we saw a blend of winning professional combination as market leaders and who can interpret our strategic vision all over Pakistan. GSV entered Pakistani market with a view to disrupting the typical sports marketing platforms and provide brands with alternative marketing opportunities connected to the world’s most popular sport – football.

Yasir Mahmood, Chairman of GSV said: “If Pakistan as a nation can export 750,000 footballs a month we can certainly create a brand new marketing ecosystem for brands and television to engage with the world’s fanatical game offering endless opportunities” Pakistan and beyond”.

Ateeq Rehman, GroupM Pakistan CIO in conclusion said “Partnership with GSV and TEN comes as a very calculated move on behalf of GroupM Pakistan, as we have established ourselves as the premium partner in sports marketing. GSV adds into our portfolio of sports partnerships from cricket events like ICC and PSL, to virtual e-gaming partnerships with Galaxy Gamers to now this Football partnership”

Global Soccer Ventures has kicked off football transformation in Pakistan by developing state of the art soccer city already underway at NED University in Karachi, an international pathway for Pakistani players to be developed at clubs and secure pro club contracts and a franchise football league featuring international stars creating the ultimate football carnival in Pakistan with inter-city rivalry taking center stage in the all new soccer city.

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