St. Patrick’s Athletic Fc

The Irish Association Football Club hails from Inchicore, Dublin, and are currently playing in the Irish premier Division. The club was originally founded in May 1929, playing in Phoenix park but soon moved to their current ground Richmond Park a year later in 1930.

St. Patrick’s Athletic FC is a proud club with its own history, having won 9 League Titles, the fifth most in Irish Football,4 FAI Cups and 4 League Cups. The club is currently lead by manager is Tim Clancy, who took over in 2021.

The club graduated through the ranks of the Leinster Senior League and duly earned their berth in the League of Ireland in 1951, and won the Championship at their first attempt. The club’s glory years came in the 1950s and 1990s when they won 6 of their 8 League Titles. The club also have the record for never having been relegated from the Premier Division.

St. Pat’s play in red and white colours, and they are known by many nicknames – The Saints, Supersaints and Pats. The Saints also have a lot of Dublin Derby games with the likes of Shelbourne, Shamrock Rovers and Bohemians.

Next Gen Trials Top 106 Shortlisted Players

Name Tag City
Talha Tahir FSD-29 Faisalabad
Ali akbar FSD-143 Faisalabad
Faraz Mahmood FSD-88 Faisalabad
Mohsin ali FSD-101 Faisalabad
zayan ali FSD-151 Faisalabad
Muhammad zain ul abdeen FSD-59 Faisalabad
Hannan naveed FSD-171 Faisalabad
Muhammad hassan FSD-120 Faisalabad
Muhammad Usama FSD-200 Faisalabad
Toqeer Ul Hassan FSD-33 Faisalabad
Irtazahaseeb I-143 Islamabad
Umair Bahader I-106 Islamabad
Muhammad Taha I-145 Islamabad
Faisal khan I-155 Islamabad
Abdul razaq I-153 Islamabad
Muhammad Sadam I-147 Islamabad
Nisar Abbas I-159 Islamabad
Usman Ali I-173 Islamabad
Khurshid Alam I-157 Islamabad
Wasif wazir I-151 Islamabad
Muhammad Ellham I-09 Islamabad
Abdul Sami I-475 Islamabad
Khaleeq uz zaman zahid I-04 Islamabad
Mamoon moosa khan I-188 Islamabad
Syed Abdullah Shah I-473 Islamabad
Zain ul abidin I-102 Islamabad
Muhammad Moeed Irfan I-318 Islamabad
syed daniyal hussain I-118 Islamabad
Muhammad Umer Saeed I-483 Islamabad
Mohib Ullah KHII-56 Karachi
Faiz muhammad KHII-574 Karachi
Zeeshan KHII-588 Karachi
Muhammad Qadeer KHII-68 Karachi
Muddasir nazar KHII-60 Karachi
Naseer ahmed KHII-334 Karachi
Saqib KHII-434 Karachi
Yousaf Ahmad KHII-482 Karachi
Shams Taj KHII-545 Karachi
Hammad Samo KHII-619 Karachi
Muhammad Saud KHI-45 Karachi
Arizmahmood KHI-106 Karachi
Uzair KHII-429 Karachi
Muhammad sohail KHI-94 Karachi
Habib Ur Rehman KHI-511 Karachi
Zain ul abideen KHI-70 Karachi
Nabi Bux KHI-72 Karachi
Ali Khan KHI-69 Karachi
Muhammad Raheel Azhar LHR-125 Lahore
Abdul salam LHR-242 Lahore
Hassan ali LHR-180 Lahore
Jawad ahmad LHR-86 Lahore
Syeed ur Rahman LHR-151 Lahore
Muhammad haroon zafar LHR-127 Lahore
Najeeb Ullah LHR-56 Lahore
abdul hannan tahir LHR-392 Lahore
Hamza munir LHR-353 Lahore
Asad ullah LHR-162 Lahore
Naik alam LHR-268 Lahore
Muhammad Zubair Mir LHR-237 Lahore
Amir Sohail LHR-160 Lahore
Tanveer mumtaz LHR-417 Lahore
Ilham Khan Wazir LHR-202 Lahore
Adnan Justin MLT-70 Multan
Ali shair Haider MLT-83 Multan
Muhammad sanan khan MZ-29 Muzaffarabad
Mujtaba Khan MZ-76 Muzaffarabad
Zeeshan Ahmed MZ-24 Muzaffarabad
Arsalan khattak PW-280 Peshawar
Junaid Ali PW-32 Peshawar
Asif Khan PW-351 Peshawar
Muhammad sudais PW-54 Peshawar
Umar Farooq Khan PW-275 Peshawar
Hammadhassan PW-304 Peshawar
Usman Ali PW-25 Peshawar
Kushal Khan PW-23 Peshawar
Kamil Ahmad Khan PW-284 Peshawar
Salman PW-299 Peshawar
Naimat ullah PW-55 Peshawar
Mohammad Noman PW-154 Peshawar
Atif khan PW-239 Peshawar
Farhan khan PW-168 Peshawar
Alamgir Khan Ghazi PW-340 Peshawar
Shayek Dost QTA-182 Quetta
Beberg QTA-37 Quetta
Khalil QTA-64 Quetta
Abdul khaliq QTA-25 Quetta
Junaid Ahmed shah QTA-04 Quetta
Muhammad Mudassir QTA-231 Quetta
Mir Hamza QTA-53 Quetta
Saadullah QTA-194 Quetta
Abaseen QTA-105 Quetta
Sardar wali QTA-114 Quetta
Shahid khan QTA-148 Quetta
Muhmmad tahir QTA-167 Quetta
Ashraf ali QTA-124 Quetta
Naseebullah QTA-106 Quetta
muhammad abdullah farooq butt SKT-29 Sialkot
Sardar Tanzeel ur Rehman SKT-07 Sialkot
Ahmed Mustafa Basit SKT-22 Sialkot
Musa Pio Daud SKT-105 Sialkot
Hasel mario SKT-139 Sialkot
Shahzaib Hassan SKT-11 Sialkot